Friday, 31 July 2015

Kids Ride on Cars Provide Safe and Endless Fun For Toddlers

Kids ride on cars are very popular, they're loads of fun, and they're very stimulating in many different ways. Toddlers are at an age where they are very curious about their environment and the things that go on around them. As parents it is our responsibility to nurture this curiosity and giving them their very own car to ride in is a great way to get their creative little minds working full steam.
Toddlers love to imitate and they especially love to imitate what we as parents do. Since they travel with us when we're out and about in the car then it's not really much of a surprise to realize that they love my <a href="">battery operated toy cars</a> to imitate us by driving their very own cars.
One of the most popular kids ride on cars are the motorized rides. It can be frightening as a parent to think about putting our 1 year old toddlers on top of their own battery powered ride but there are many reasons why these types of toys are very safe, even for kids this young. The following are 3 of the safety features that make these rides appropriate for toddlers:
1. The Speed is Slow and Safe
Kids ride on cars that are targeted for the toddler age group come equipped with a small 6 volt battery that travels at a very safe speed of 2 mph. This speed is very safe for inexperienced riders who need to learn how to steer and how to operate their ride.
2. They Have an Automatic Stop and Start Feature
Not only are the toddler rides safe on speed but they're also push button operated so your kids won't have to figure out how to use a gas pedal. The vehicles only travel forward, there is no reverse, and the push button has an automatic stop and start feature. As soon as your child leaves their fingers of the button the vehicle stops, so there's no braking involved.
3. They Have a Parent Assist Feature
The best toddler rides come equipped with a parent assist handle that allows parents to control the acceleration and the steering of the vehicle. This way you can be sure that your child learns the ins and outs of their new ride before heading out on their own. When they're ready, just remove the handle and they'll have full control battery operated ride ons.

Your kids will also benefit developmentally with their kids ride on cars. You'll see an increase in self confidence, they'll get a surge of independence, and they'll be working those motor skills as they operate the ride all by themselves. Providing your child with their very own car will ensure that they have loads of fun while being safe and sound.